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2012-04-02 13:11:36, 7 years ago

Hamburg in Germany

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Project value
+2000 EURO

Gorilla Grill Hamburg
QR code now owned by Heinz Hilchenbach

QR code leading to the mobile page of the Gorilla Grill Hamburg restaurant where users could choose to either leave a rating, reserve their next table or connecto to the facebook fanpage of the restaurant.

QR code history
2012-05-04 16:12:47
Link to own website
Link has been changed to target the Gorilla Grill's own website.
2012-04-24 13:05:00
Menu download
The target of the code has been changed so that those who scan the code get a direct download of the menu as PDF archive.
2012-04-10 08:05:00
Linked to the Gorilla Fund
The target link has been changed to lead to the website of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.
2012-04-02 10:50:00
Linked to Facebook
The QR code painting has been set up to be connected to facebook. Whenever a guest at the restaurant scans the code, he/she will be led to the Gorilla Grill facebook website.

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