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Carlos Pinto - Chaval digital art night.

This page is about stickers and QR paintings that Carlos Pinto, known as artist by the name of Qroft, creates for himself and to people who want to spread individuality, wether with the stickers or by having a QR code as interactive fine art in their flat, office or hotel lobby.

About the stickers

  • Weather Proof

    Usually up to 10 months waterproof and thus ideal for outdoor use

  • 4C CMYK

    4-color UV-offset process with specially pigmented UV inks

  • Environment

    Printed on environmentally friendly HDPE film

  • Peel aid

    The back is slotted for easy peeling via a crackenback

Sticker sizes and prizes

The available sizes are standard rectangle and round shapes to keep the production price as low as possible. Though there are future designs that will come with custom shapes at reasonable sizes.
  • 35x100cm

  • 35x200cm

  • 70x100cm

  • 50x150cm

  • 100x150cm

  • 70x200cm

  • 85x55cm

  • 60x60cm

  • 120x120cm

  • 40cm

  • 60cm

  • 80cm

About the QR paintings

The acryl QR paintings are the second level of a streetart project Qroft started in early 2011. At this state, the paintings have two purposes. First to connect the real with the virtual world and second to teach people how and what that technology can be used for. For further information click this link.

About Carlos Pinto

"I do not care about what you plan, you build or you raise. I have seen the internet grow and the only thing that matters for me is the flow of knowlege. Learn and teach as much as you can."
Carlos Pinto

Carlos Pinto aka QROFT (C) by Back in the days when i was a teenager, we were a hand full of Commodore and Amiga owners. Our parents bought us these personal computers with the hope of learning how to rule the future. The only thing we cared about were beating the world records in "World Games", putting Suzi from "Strip Poker" under pressure and to watch the endless Amiga scene DEMOs - the very early stage of digital art.

I was 14 when i had the idea to create a so alled e-zine and distributed it on 3.5" diskettes to the few i knew. A few years later i found out about the BBS scene and ported that e-zine to it, so that people every second month could download an EXE File containing softporn pictures, demos and the latest computer virus informations. From here, my digital career brought me in front of cameras as host of a lifestyle and extreme sports show before MTV Sports even existed in Europe. Thanks to Lars Behrenroth, at the late 90s i was the head of TV for CyberradioTV - the first worldwide online television station that aired 24hours, 7 days a week. Streaming worldwide for an average of 30 listeners/viewers when ordinary people even did not knew that the internet existed. And i was a teacher at a design academy in Hamburg, Germany to inject the students with inspiration and flexibility to gain as much knowledge as possible.

I was host of a live latenight show for internet enthusiasts called the Carlos Pinto Cyberholics Latenightshow, host of the Singer Songwriter Slam to fight the music garbash in television that killed the video star. I developed several Flash resources that brought me into trouble with the law but since then are available as Open Source archives on Flash repositories, i was a Spraycanartist at the UZI Crew Hamburg and developed dozens of websites, projects and online tools just for one purpose: to never stop.

In 2012 i moved to Canary Island and saw myself confrontated with the fact that i got stranded at a place where 50.000 people live to treat as good as possible an average of 1 Million tourists per month. It's a touristic area with one aim: to keep the people dumb. Here i went to all legal necessities to create together with Marcos de Vera an asosciation for subcultures. In this corner of the earth it's like i am the owner of a glass of water in the desert but i am willing to fight for it as long and as hard as possible.